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Production Company & Content Studio

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Driving brands forward through narrative content.

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Full Service Production Capabilities | Commercials, Content, and Campaigns | In-Studio and On-Location Productions


We exist because what brands need wasn’t out there.

Our best days are spent collaborating with your team to develop and guide ideas – always pushing for a content strategy that is efficient, cost-effective and creatively aligned for today’s brands.

– Let’s talk about optimizing a 30 second commercial and turning it into content for the next quarter.
– Let’s figure out who’s actually needed on set to keep budgets down.
– Let’s open up the process- come in and edit side-by-side with our editors and create together.

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We chose to go directly to the source and visit a community in Northern Minnesota that had used GE’s WiSE technology to generate a portion of their own power. We wanted to hear directly from the people closest to the technology, including a tech executive at GE, the manager of the local electric cooperative, and a renewable energy entrepreneur who helped build the installation. By hearing their stories in a documentary-style production, we were able to edit down our conversations to the key points needed to explain the technology and cost savings while inspiring others to do the same.

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