Full Service Production

We analyze brands and translate their identity into content.


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The Content Jungle

Current Resident is a creative production agency that produces brand-centric ads that help drive more revenue.


We started Current Resident with the intention of creating something that was missing in the industry. And much like our name – we believe this little company is the current solution. That doesn’t mean we’re set in stone, quite the opposite. We’re a tightknit group of problem solvers. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know how to roll with the punches, adapt and move quick.

Our mission is simple and true to our core – everything we do we do to create a more inclusive, idea pushing community that supports its people inside and out.

Company & Crew


Current Method


Identify & Explore

Right out the gate we plaster our walls with the brands true north.


Prepare & Assemble

Measure twice, cut once.


Produce & Create

Where it all comes together.


Solve & Celebrate

They say a third of the story is made in post so why would the collaboration stop here? It doesn’t.



Content & Capabilities

A few ways Current Resident can help your content game.


We create projects that get us excited – they are human in nature, smart, and brand focused. Whether you’re in need of every tool in the tool-box or just one.





The Studio

Big space. Lots of gear. Huge white cyc wall.


– 23’x29′ White Cyc-Wall
– 17′ Ceilings
– Lighting Equipment
– Grip
– Storage
– Lounge
– Monitors
– Sound Dampened Stage
– Editing Suites

Current Resident was built to house the best production tools and technology. Our production area can handle quite a large number of people, gear and props. We have plenty of in-house equipment to get the job done, and if we don’t have it, we know the people that will – they’re good friends of ours. We strongly encourage in-studio edit sessions so we can easily handle any revisions/edits while drinking a few bloodys in the mornin.

Yes, you can rent it!

Email or call and we’ll see if our space suits what you’re looking for.
We have plenty of referrals if ours doesn’t work.

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