Color Grading

Maximizing every hue and highlight.


Having a powerful camera is great, but it’s not enough. Digital cinema cameras produce ungraded footage, so it is vital to add Color Grading to any production. Color Grading allows us to take footage and manipulate it to help add additional moods and textures, depending on the ultimate goal of the story being created.


Real Life Solves

The “Golden Hour” occurs roughly one half-hour before and after sunrise and sunset. During this time, the sun produces softer light that colors both they sky and subjects on the ground in unique and beautiful ways. On outdoor shoots, we will often schedule key moments in the shot list for golden hour (a practice that can lead to very early call times, but it’s worth it). Taken directly out of the camera, footage from this time of day will look nice, but in the hands of a skilled colorist, it can be made to look like a painting.


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