Data Storage

Safely saved footage, forever.


We at Current Resident are big believers that in the world of video production, no project is ever really completely finished. Oftentimes there is a need for new edits, new versions, new options. Maybe we made a commercial and a year later you want to turn that footage into an Instagram spot. Maybe you want behind-the-scenes footage for Facebook, or stills for a conference. The options and iterations are endless, so we NEVER delete your footage. We keep every second of it. Forever. Whatever you decide to do in the future, we’ll have that footage ready and waiting on our servers and the cloud.


Real Life Solves

We filmed and edited a short documentary about the logistics startup StreetLight Data in the fall of 2018. Six months later, StreetLight came back to us: they wanted to use the footage to create social media testimonials out of interviews we did. Not a problem – we had the footage ready and waiting to get started on the next edit.


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