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Our first priority is to understand your organization: the mission, values, goals, what’s worked before and what hasn’t.


Before we talk about commercials, digital, experiential, any of that – we ask questions; finding out who you are, where you want to go, what you believe in, and what you’re trying to say will help build a foundation for the project. While discovery and research is a standalone offering, it is also fully integrated into Current Resident’s creative process.


Real Life Solves

Using discovery and research from the outset we help Stanley avoid common industry tropes, align their message for a new demographic, and implement a visual style that separated them from their competitors. Since the campaign, Stanley InSite and ProCall brand equity has exploded industry wide. While being first to market has positioned Stanley to reaffirm market position and their new message is resonating with both loyal and new customers.

Project: Stanley

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