In-Studio Edit Sessions

Come in and collaborate closely with our post-production team.


Through years of experience, we’ve found that when it comes to editing, ten minutes collaborating in the same room is about as productive as an hour exchanging emails. While not a requirement, we highly encourage in-studio edit sessions as a way to work quickly and closely to reach the best possible edit. For many projects, the ideal post-production process is that Current Resident editors will put together a first draft of the edit, then we’ll send it to you for review. After some time to look it over, we’ll schedule a day for an in-studio edit session, where we’ll all work together to carry it across the finish line.


Real Life Solves

We shot four commercials for OSF Urgo over two days. We later worked closely with their agency, LEVEL, during a series of in-studio edit sessions to turn those two shooting days into 21 different deliverables. This included TV commercials, social spots, stills, and radio

Project: OSF URGO

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