Editing & Post-Production

Full service cutting & assembly.


Once we’ve filmed your project, the next step is post production. Traditionally, a lot of video production companies would pass off the footage to a post production company, but we keep that whole process in-house. This allows for a faster and more seamless handoff. You don’t have to switch companies in the middle of a project. We have three in-house editing suites in our production studio, as well as a client lounge with couches, a 65” client monitor, and nearly unlimited Cheez-Its.



Do you have editors on staff?

Yes. One of our partners is an editor and heads post-production. We also have one additional full-time editor, as well as a stacked roster of freelance editors who edit out of our production studio.

Can I come in and hang out while you edit?

Absolutely. We highly encourage in-house editing sessions. It’s a great way to collaborate and speeds up the post-production process considerably.

What do you edit on?

We run the full Adobe suite on powerful PCs that we custom built in-house.


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