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We’ve positioned our production company to be a one-stop shop for clients. You can come to us with a vague idea or no idea at all. Maybe you just know you need a video. That’s great. We’ve got you covered. We can come up with a concept and carry the video through pre-production, production, and post-production using workflow management systems we’ve developed to streamline and simplify the process. This helps to eliminate errors and make sure anyone on the team can step in for any part of the process.


Real Life Solves

When choosing a doctor, wouldn’t it be great if you could meet them before actually meeting them? North Memorial Health decided to create short bio videos for all of providers across multiple locations. We’re producing these videos for 140+ providers across multiple practices, shoot dates, and locations. Because of the complicated logistics of a project like this, we developed video production systems so that different crew members can step in-and-out of the production in a seamless way so that production never stops.


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