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The Renowned Prohibition Whiskey:

Minneosta 13

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You Don’t Need An Idea. You Just Need A Goal.


That’s it. That’s our mantra. It’s easy to think that the first step when you go to a production company is to know what kind of video you want. Forget that part. That comes later. The only thing you need to know when you show up is what you want a video for.


So: what are you trying to accomplish that a video could solve?


  • Are you trying to drive sales?

  • Introduce a new product?

  • Pitch your company to investors?

  • Sell your company?


Once we know where you’re trying to go, then we start figuring out the idea that will get you there. (Full disclosure: if we think you don’t need a video we’ll tell you. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense and we gotta be honest about that. It’s better for everyone.)


The idea changes based on your destination. Maybe it’s a commercial – maybe it’s a short documentary. Maybe it’s something else. This is where collaboration is crucial. We work side-by-side with your team to zero in on the best possible idea.

In the true spirit of a snake eating its own tail, we wanted to show you how we make videos….by making a video. That was the inspiration for the MN13 project. Our goal was to show you how we use video to help you reach your goals.

After we’ve collaborated on an idea, we bring it to life. Which is a three part process:


  • Pre-Production

    This is everything that needs to happen before we roll cameras. Crewing up, casting, finding locations. Crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

  • Production

    The Days of Action. This is when cameras roll. When it comes to life.

  • Post-Production

    Turning a pile of footage into a finished project. Either through remote collaboration or coming into our studio (unlimited snacks!), this is where we work closely with your team to assemble a final video and carry it across the finish line.

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The Story


We found a parallel to the way we work in the story of Minnesota 13, a moonshine whiskey made during Prohibition. Minnesota 13 became famous across the country as a bootleg liquor that actually tasted good. But here’s the catch: to this day, nobody knows who made it. The best guess is that it was made by a German immigrant living in central Minnesota, but no one ever came forward to claim credit.

Current Resident works in a similar way. Your video and your brand are what shine in the end. The production company, Current Resident, should fade away and let your brand and your message take center stage.


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  • Producer

    John Wildauer

  • Writer/Director

    Erik Nelson

  • Director of Photography

    Kellen Witschen

  • Grip

    Sam Mayhew

  • Art Director

    Sarah Jean Shervin

  • Editor

    Bud Hjelmberg

  • Colorist

    Oscar Oboza at Nice Shoes

  • Field & Post Audio Tech

    Taylor Lewin

  • BTS Video

    Brontide Labs

  • BTS Photo

    Chaddix Malchow

  • PA

    Melanie Featherstone

  • Score

    Zach Kline

  • Locations

    Charlotte Ariss Locations

  • MN13 Bottle Design

    Ivan Trushin

  • Vehicles

    Props on Wheels

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Contact Us

Current Resident is a Minneapolis Video Production Company and Content Studio.