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Connecting customers and familes with North Memorial Health.

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Can you connect with potential patients on a personal level before they step foot into one of your hospitals or clinics? How de you integrate and celebrate your brand message into real life customer/provider relationships? How do you convince hundreds of busy, world class healthcare providers from nearly 20 different locations they need to sit in-front of a camera and talk about themselves – not to mention logistically pull it off?



An integrated production team that breathes the NMH brand and is able to plug into their system as needed. A documented turn-key process for executing on going provider bio videos that are connecting and converting more patients than ever before.

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Measurable ROI within 30 days




The big picture


Over the course of 2019, we created over 200 pieces of content for a number of channels and customer touch-points. To top it off, viewers that watch a full provider video are nearly 20% more likely to convert on NMH’s website and sign up for an appointment.

The project was initiated after a brief conversation between Current Resident’s EP, Patrick Shelton and NMH’s marketingdirector, Jenny Ringo. Together they agreed that in order for this campaign to take off they needed full buy-in from both corporate and ambulatory services.

By bringing Current Resident in on the ground floor we were able to implement a system that got boardroom buy-in by focusing on patient alignment, provider education, and multi-channel delivery from the onset. We created a “provider-prep-packet” landing page, explainer video and custom questionnaire all tooled to make providers feel a part of the process, giving them the resources they needed to succeed and ensuring all parties were in lock-step from start to “cut”.



Partners, from Start to Finish


By insisting both Current Resident and NMH had one primary point of contact early on we were able to establish quick feedback loops between production, marketing and ambulatory. This ensured the project was able to adapt quickly and evolve as time went on – keeping budgets in check, brand at the forefront, and providers in the know.

With the success of capturing over 100 providers on camera and implementing into multiple customer channels, Current Resident and NMH have set the stage for continued success moving into 2020.




Narratives deisgned to inspire




Take Away


In order to foster and promote brand advocacy we partnered with NMH’s internal team to create a breadth of customer stories over the course of 2019. These ranged from Dave, an oncology patient, to an ambulatory crew that went above and beyond. Or even Deb, a nurse, and her experience with Wellah and baby, Maya in the NICU.


Customer stories can go a million different directions, and one thing was clear from the outset – these will be used everywhere. Social, streaming, web, broadcast, you name it, it was covered. Meaning we had to create a plan to shoot multiple stories going to multiple channels, over the course of a month. And it goes without saying – keep it all in budget.


Push the Needle – Be Human


Knowing these stories were going to be used at different parts of the customer journey we made sure they connected on a human level, as well as informational. This gave us the freedom to really learn about these individuals, their stories, and ultimately craft something that continued to resonate with people as they navigate through the customer experience.


Knowing these stories were going to be used at different parts of the customer journey we made sure they connected on a human level, as well as informed. This gave us the freedom to really learn about these individuals and their stories.


“We feel lucky to have found a partner like Current Resident. Aside from their incredible talent, they are always willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs. They are much more than our preferred production agency– they have become true partners and feel like an extension of our team. A truly top-notch group!


– Jennifer Rengo, Digital Marketing Director at North Memorial Health


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