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For life’s little urgencies

OSF Urgo



LEVEL MPLS needed an all-in-one production solution that could solve their clients strategic objectives through video and photo… Oh and do it in a month.


By partnering with LEVEL early in the creative process we were able to help bridge the gap between strategy contemplated and strategy realized. We hit the ground running insistent that their ambitious creative strategy was doable in the time allotted. With 2 days of production we created:


4 Keystone Commercials
22 Final Files with Cutdowns and Teasers
Full Library of Branded Photography.


The end result was a quick turnaround, creatively aligned campaign that reshaped and redefined LEVEL’s offering.


Strategy Contemplated – Strategy Realized


Being a smaller agency with a lot of heart LEVEL never shied away from a challenge – And being an underdog ourselves we felt it only fitting to dive head first together.

Agencies are evolving, growing, and disappearing everyday. The litany of services, unreasonable deadlines, and tightening budgets have clients demanding more – and it’s nothing to turn your head at. That’s why when LEVEL MPLS was tasked with creating and launching OSF Healthcares’ new clinic and brand, OSF urgo they said, “bring it on.”

The catch, they had mere months to accomplish the feat.


LEVEL came to Current Resident with the brand identity locked in, but having no history of digital content production they needed a partner to help translate their creative ideas into motion.

By meeting the agency at their level (no pun intended) we were able to collaborate, educate, and plug into their processes seamlessly, while helping them develop better feedback loops that ended up being essential for a project like this.


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From concept to delivery in less than one month with LEVEL MPLS.




Prior to launch


A request made by the agency was to have these short, simple teasers shot while on set, on the already condensed schedule. By having two teams on set, we were able to squeeze these quick shots in with our actors while still adhering to our schedule.


Side-by-side with motion.


The need for photo on set was agreed upon from the get-go. Using one of Current Resident’s vetted photographers we were able create a plan that logistically worked with the tight production schedule. The photos have been used throughout the entire media buy – including billboards, brochures, web, in-clinic signage, and more.


CR is our go-to partner. They do great work with fast turn arounds. They can easily compete with any production house in town.


– John Foley, Founder & CEO at LEVEL MPLS

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