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Unveiling how Stanley brought big data to big machines

Stanley Infrastructure



Stanley has a decades-long reputation as the manufacturer of the best industrial scrapyard tools available on the market. Not a brand to rest on its laurels, they’ve recently developed cutting-edge telemetrics and remote access tools with capabilities that could reach far beyond scrapyards. The came to us to help them introduce these new tools to the world.


We partnered closely with Stanley to develop concepts and scripts for two videos that would show the power and potential of these new tools by taking them through their paces in scrapyards, demolition sites, and construction projects across Illinois and Indiana. We concepted, scripted, produced and edited these videos, as well as working with Stanley to develop final names for the products, InSite and ProCall.

  • ProCall

  • InSite



Developing a voice and look.


Before diving into production, we had to build a visual storytelling style that felt inline with Stanley’s target audience, while ensuring we were not falling into industry tropes.

By collaborating with Stanley’s internal team, we began to focus our messaging towards a blue-collar demographic that was at a turning point in their industry. What was once a solely customer service centered industry has shifted to put emphasis on data collection and “the internet of things”. We used this information to lay the ground work for the Produce and Create phase.


Names and Tags

What to call it?


We worked closely with Stanley Infrastructure to develop names and taglines for their two new products. The first, InSite, allows users to get detailed information on industrial tools, like running time and maintenance schedules. The second, ProCall, allows end-users to connect directly with experts in the field.

We wanted to make sure we kept the target user in mind during the entire concepting process – and after two ideation sessions and what seemed like hundreds of names the votes were cast and a verdict was found – InSite and ProCall (plus taglines) were born.

ProCall – “Become an Anywhere, Anytime Expert”

InSite – “Downtime Decimated”

* 7 of the top 10 finalists

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Over the course of two days we travelled to a number of large-scale industrial scrapyards in Illinois to film these tools in use. By executing on a documentary style approach, we were able to cover a lot of ground while capturing some amazing footage of the machines and technology in action.



Going into post-production, we ensured continued collaboration and fast turnarounds by using a combination of screensharing and review site applications. Because we had to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, we scripted both videos and used narration coupled with motion graphics to power the messaging.


Design & Animation Evolution

What you see and don’t see.

Due to the technology and software not being fully developed during production, we decided to use a combination of motion graphics and animation to showcase key features and benefits.

Over the course of two weeks we fine tuned the designs to align with the Stanley brand while being adaptable for future applications and projects.

Current Resident has a mastery in both video direction and building out the messaging for a new product. They jumped right into what we needed them to do and we are absolutely thrilled with the final result.


– Daniel Johnston, Creative Director/Marketing Specialist at Stanley


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