There’s a pandemic going on.

We thought we’d give you some quarantivitity ideas.

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You may, or may not, have a job. You aren’t sure how to buy face masks – or even if you should. You’ve looked up “Hooked on a Feeling David Hasslehoff” eleven times now, and you’re starting to wonder how else you can spend your time during this ever lengthening isolation period.

If you’re looking for an accumulative list for medical help or guidance, this is not the page you should be on at the moment. This page will not fix the chaos or toilet paper shortage happening in the world – though it would kick ass if it did. However, it will provide you numerous options to find a distraction from the negative thoughts or feelings that comes from being stuck in the same place for too long. It’s a breath of fresh COVID19 free air.

Pandemics are hard hitting in many ways, but as far as mental sanity goes – staying cooped up in one place for over a month can really take it’s toll. We wanted to provide our community a uniquely engaging collection of activities that will have you stop partaking in dangerous Gen Z trends like licking toilets, and instead start making memories.

If you end up making a downright fantastic creative-anything during this period of isolation, we would encourage your to submit it to our newspaper called The Jungle for a uniquely COVID19 charged issue featuring creativity in isolation.

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This list isn’t going to grow on its own.
Show us what you got.

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