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Digital Art Unite

Digital art is good for the quarantine because you don’t have to run to the store to get supples, you usually just have to have the internet and some form of software or camera.


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Find a product in your house that you would never consider doing a product shoot of – say a tampon or half a cracker – and do a photoshoot as if you were trying to make this product look as marketable as possible.

Post and share your results with us at @CurrentResident or #ItsCurrent


You like to doodle but think no one really wants to see them? We do! Draw whatever you want and share it with us on Instagram on your feed or story – whichever you are more comfortable with.

Mention or tag us with @CurrentResident or #ItsCurrent


Take a horribly lit or white-balanced photo and bring it to the internet – Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are probably all the best platforms for this.

Share it with your Friends or on Facebook Groups like Minnesota Photography Club and pose the challenge of editing or balancing the photo.

Then switch and ask others if they would like to share and have you edit their photo.


This one is very simple. Go to Google and search for some nice Renaissance Art or Romanticism. After you have found a picture you love, set to recreate it.

You can do this all in the effort of taking the photo or you can photoshop the photo if you desire.

Share your results with your friends and the world like this one created by one of our Residents.


If you and your friends are digital creatives, it’s likely you each have Adobe Photoshop. Use this isolation to make some fake memories.

Take a picture of yourself with plenty of space around you and send it to one friend to edit themselves into the photo. Then have that friend send that file to another, and so on. Soon you will have a picture of you and your friends all enjoying the quarantine together without having been together.

You could do this collage for anything, not just a photo of your buds.

Maybe take a picture of a table with one dish of food on it and have your friends pass it around and add a dish each time till you have a digital potluck.

The possibilities are endless.


Designer Meg Lewis has pitched the idea of designers attempting to create the ugliest logos possible.

If you want an excuse to design and all your freelance clients have ghosted you, maybe this is the kind of task you need. Create the ugliest logo possible and share the hell out of it.

Maybe be positive to let people know that it is intentionally horrible, though.

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