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Both board and video- here are a few ideas for the people who like to immerse themselves in games to pass the time. If you hate games, then still take a look at these ideas.

They might warm your cold, dead soul.


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E Sports is flying high right now. If you haven’t been watching the latest tournaments, it’s never too late to see what the rage is with Smash Bros Ultimate or COD. Both – and many others – have a huge following on Twitch. If you want, take it one step further and put together your own tournament.

People everywhere are linking up through Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online to play together in games like Mario Cart and Destiny 2. Be warned, this can sometimes come with a fee if you don’t already have online access through your system.

But you could always make it back by convincing your friends to form a Venmo pot and pool in $5 each for the winner of whatever your favorite game happens to be.


Bananagrams is a simple but GREAT game. You can play it with your friends digitally with some minor in game adjustments.

Just find any of your friends that also own Bananagrams and plan a Zoom call with all of them. Then, just subtract the initial starting pieces from your pile that correspond with the number of people playing per the rules

For example, if you have 3 players and everyone is suppose to take 21 starting pieces, you would take your 21 and then take 42 extra tiles out of the pile and set them aside to not be used. Of course, you don’t have to do this.

You could make up your own god damn rules for all we care. Then, just play normally – but over a video call rather than face to face!


Play drinking games with your best friends over your favorite Netflix series with the Chrome plugin:  Netflix Party. Just google your favorite TV series plus the words drinking game and find a version you love. Another option is to join a Digital Drinking Game Event through Facebook Events.

Just search Drinking Game on Facebook Events and have your pick at the quarantine friendly options!


Bingo doesn’t have to live in a hall, it can happen right in your living room.

Minneapolis has two awesome Bingo opportunities that not only diminish boredom but also promote local businesses.

North Loop’s Isolation BIZ-ingo and South Minneapolis’s Quarantingo feed both your stomach and your inner casino dweller.

Visit participating local businesses during the bingo card day and get free bingo cards with your to-go order.

Then just tune in to the Facebook Bingo Call and play to win.


Board Games are almost a necessity to play in person. But what isn’t are mobile games like Words with Friends, Trivia Crack, or bootleg Cards Against Humanity called Black Cards.

Play mobile games with your existing friends, or put some signs up in your apartment hallways with your gamertag and a friendly invite to play with others in your complex.

Minimal effort, high reward.


We all remember Minecraft – and how fucking fun it is even after you’ve triumphed survival 3 times already. Use this opportunity to open up a server – or get your techie friend to – and go wild with your pals. Don’t have any friends that want to nerd out with you on a digital landscape?

You can always check out existing servers that are open to the public.


If you don’t already know about Smule but love to sing at Karaoke Bars, then open up your phone because this will blow your mind. It’s Karaoke, but on your phone – and you still get to share it with a bunch of randos.

I’ll let the app explain itself to you.

But definitely worth checking out if you like to hear yourself sing.


Have you ever tried to make your own Escape room? Well, now is the time because you HAVE the time. Find a room in your house and set to work. Make sure you know where all your keys are and come up with some clever riddles. If you don’t feel like designing one yourself you can always purchase one off Amazon.


If you have Animal Crossing, there’s more ways to hang with your friends than just going to their island to steal all the fruit.

Animal Crossing Musical Chairs is the best way to hang out with a group of your pals during the quarantine.

It will help if you have terraforming unlocked so you can make some cool musical chair courses, but it’s not a requirement by any means.


If you’re looking for the universal board game that everyone can play with you no matter where you are and there’s not much for compensation, it’s the Jackbox Party Pack.

This board game – or should I say games – is/are digital! A video game that operates as a board game but as long as your friends have internet, they can play anywhere in the world. This video game has 7 installments, and each one contains multiple party games.

Combine that with being able to access it from any computer or gaming system, makes this a sure-fire quarantine destroyer of lifelessness.


All the fun of the board game Codenames but you can play it with your aunt Bertha from your living room during the pandemic.

All you have to do is go to the Codenames Plus site and set up a room, or join a room your friend has already set up.

Then open up a Zoom call so you can talk and convey clues to your teammate.

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