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Let’s Get Physical

If you’re a gym junkie, you are probably dying in quarantine. Even if you’re not, the atrophy is starting to set in and you are taking notice.
Here are some ways to bring the gym into your home if you don’t live in a luxury apartment – or if you do and don’t trust how clean it is.


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Pretty cut and dry – 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 standing squats, 100 pull-ups. Either do it yourself or ask your friends to do it with you digitally. The first one to complete the challenge wins (you guys decide the stakes.)

Feel free to swap out any exercise for something that is more conducive if you have a limitation or don’t have access to a pull-up bar in your home or yard.


Lots of people are hosting Virtual Dance Parties during the Quarantine. Join in on an existing one like this one on Facebook or start your own with your friends and publicize it as much or as little as you like.


If you enjoy guided yoga practice rather than making it up at home, there are quite a few options for that. Hop on Youtube and find a channel that deals specifically with yoga, or join one of the many digital yoga events going on online through the Facebook Events page by searching Yoga. Some yoga studios like @ModoYogaMpls are even doing Live Instagram streams of yoga sessions.


Family owned gyms are turning to social media to keep their members up to date and in shape! @TrueGritGymCo, @Alchemy_365, @TheFirmMlps, and @Crossfit.mpls.stp are all local Twin Cities Gym that have a killer Instagram workout

You can tune in and get fit all for free from your home during the quarantine.


If you are an exotic dancer, or a wanna-be one like all of us at Current Resident, You will be pleased to know that there are Virtual Pole Dancing, Chair Fitness, and Exotic Classes scattered all over the internet. The easiest place to find them is on Facebook Events by searching ‘Pole Dancing Class” or “Chair Fitness”.

Another option is to find one of our Twin Cities local studios’ Instagram accounts like @DollHousePoleDance and @KnockoutBodies and look at their digital services.


If you’re a climber, you’re pretty much at a loss right now. You can’t socialize with your belay partner, your climbing gym is closed, and not all of us had parents that built climbing walls in our basement – I’m talking to you Alex Johnson.

Our beloved Minneapolis Bouldering Project has had to temporarily close its doors for the quarantine, but they are alive and well, providing resources for climbers online.

Yoga classes, progression training plans, and hangboards, MBP is doing it’s all to keep us active and engaged. now there is hope that when we all hit the walls after this, we won’t be stuck on V1’s and 2’s.

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