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Copywriter, spoken word poet, or Karen with 3 kids – these written tasks are for every person with a keyboard or pen and paper. Don’t have any way to write, just open up your window and scream some poems instead.

It’s cathartic.


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5, 7, 5

Everyone is capable of writing Haiku, as long as you know how to count syllables. If you don’t, please see our prerequisite here

A huge quarantine fad right now is #See10Do10 and #SeeACowSendACow. Well, I would like launch the hashtag #SeeHaikuSendHaiku. The name is as it implies. Write a haiku,
which is poetry with syllable count of 5-7-5, and get the poetry spreading.

This seems to work best on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

I forgot my socks
Normally they’re on my arms
Where have my socks gone?


Your turn.


Here’s the best part about poetry is that it is more or less, completely and utterly, subjective. So, gather up all your friends on a Zoom call and have a bad poetry club. If you and your friends are wholly uncreative and writing a poem is a unconceivable task, whip out a random word generator to generate the subject or feeling of your poetry.

You can either find poetry you think is bad or, write poetry you think is bad. This is where the fun lies, there isn’t a true testament to if it is an exemplary piece of poetry or not. Everyone gets to state their opinions.

What is more, in the midst of everyone purposely writing bad poetry, you might actually create a masterpiece.


Get your friends together on Google Hangouts and have a digital book club. Look. Not EVERY idea on this list has to be insanely original. FINE. Read and discuss the Codex Seraphiniaus.



Pick one of your all time least favorite books and write a few note cards about why you hate it so much to give a presentation. Have at least 2 others of your friends do the same for what they passionately despise, and share your stark thoughts over a Skype call. In fact, why stop at a book?

Maybe you don’t like to read but have an awful lot to say about the movie The Greatest Showman – like how Philip and Anne’s relationship happened WAY too fast and without any common ground, or how P.T. Barnum literally just ditches everyone after preaching they are all a fami- It’s quite easy to do, just share what you are annoyed and passionate about.

And feel free to share via social media with the hashtag #DiatribeTeaTime

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