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Provider Video Prep Packet

We made this prep packet just for you – it’s meant to give you all the info you need for the shoot to come. Take a look and get a feel for things. If there are specific questions you’d like us to ask you during the shoot we’ve included a link to a form you can fill out at the bottom of this page.

A breakdown of what’s included in this prep packet.

Overview || Process || Prep Form


This is an effort to allow customers to get familiarized with you and your practice. We want to show what makes you tick. Finding a doctor can be a difficult thing for some people, they want to meet them and see what their bedside manner is before they schedule an appointment.

That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with these videos: making that process a little less painful for people. We even made you a little video breakdown. Please watch to get a feel for how your final video will look and feel.

Example Video



  1. Look over this site.
  2. Come up with questions that you get asked most often or speak to what you want people to know about you (specialties, care focus areas, etc.) and write them in the link below. The Marketing team will review and follow up with you to discuss the questions if and as applicable. We want to make sure not all providers are answering the same questions.
  3. DO NOT WEAR: bright colors, black or striped patterned shirts (especially anything similar to this color).
  4. Don’t fret. We’ll be there to partner with you on this.


  1. You’ll be greeted by one of our directors and a North marketing team member who will make sure you’re prepped and comfortable.
  2. We’ll get you hooked up to a microphone and give you a little debrief before starting.
  3. If you’re having troubles or have any questions, we’ll be right there to help you out and give some tips and tricks.


  1. We’ll run through the interview a few times with breaks in between to ensure we get everything we need. Don’t worry about fumbling with your words that’s what editting is for.
  2. Using a special teleprompter the director, who is sitting next to the camera, will appear in front of the lens as you look forward into the camera lens. They will ask you questions and have a conversation with you just as you would with one of your customers.
  3. Our editors develop a video cut that is most authentic to you – it’s our job to make you look great and create a cohesive piece.

Provider Video Prep Form

OPTIONAL: Click the link below to email Lauren if you have some specific questions you’d like us to ask. In addition we’ve included some sample questions that hopefully give you an idea of what we like to talk about.

*Click the button below to access form*
Thank you! Can’t wait to see you on set!

If you have any questions, please email North Memorial’s marketing department.
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