Chaddix Malchow

Partner | Head of Post

When Chaddix was 10 years old, he built his first computer – 2 years later, he picked up his parent’s old Hi-8 camera and started making ridiculous shit with his friends. That’s where it all started.

Chaddix brings an inherent technical expertise to the company mixed with a strong creative influence. He’s been shooting and editing professionally for 15+ years- his first job being at a local access TV station. His passion was amplified when he was 17 and on set for both a feature length film, “Clear Lake, WI” and a Best Western national commercial shoot. Once he graduated HS, he found a mentor that helped him hone his skills and he began his freelance career taking on a variety of different projects and roles.

He met Pat his Sophomore year in college, and joined the college AV club developing a campus web series. A year later, they started their first production company, Field Technique, which ultimately led to their decision in dropping out of college to pursue the business full time; that was 8 years ago.

Chaddix handles majority of all post-production at Current Resident and is usually on set and swings between whatever role the production calls for.

On the side, he is constantly shooting on his medium format film camera that gives CR a unique aesthetic for all the behind-the-scenes pics…that, and going to raves and festivals.


Two Truths and a Lie

    Chaddix can cook ramen using tap water and a mattress, a skill he learned in jail.

    Chaddix graduated college at the top of his class

    Chaddix, a Wisconsin native, never drank until he reached the legal age of 21


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