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Erik was born near the South Dakota border on a day that the sun didn’t shine. As a youth Erik watched the movie Reservoir Dogs and realized that someone made that and decided that he wanted to make things too. Erik later went off to college and started to forget these dreams. He drifted for a time then took a respectable job and had an office with a view and polished shoes and a subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Erik doesn’t talk much about those years except to say that one day he was planning a climb in Africa and decided he should get a proper camera to take photos of the climb. It was then that he realized that consumer cameras of the time could produce video with something approaching a cinematic look. That was the moment everything changed.

Erik bought a camera and took it to Africa and had the camera completely stop working on the foothills of Kilimanjaro but it didn’t matter. From that moment forward the path was set. He spent every spare moment filming and editing and learning the craft. The next climbing trip was to Slovenia and this time he was ready. The final video wasn’t perfect but it was fun and it felt to Erik like it was made by Erik and that was just as important.

Erik got paid for that video and from then on his dream became his life’s work.

Erik is now a writer and director at Current Resident. When he’s not working at Current Resident you can find him working on a documentary about a legendary Minnesota drug smuggler who disappeared in the 70s. He hasn’t found him yet.

Two Truths and a Lie

Erik was hospitalized with dysentery in 2017.

Erik is a direct descendent of Alexander Ramsey, the first territorial governor of Minnesota.

Erik first picked up a camera on a climb of Kilimanjaro. The camera stopped working.


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