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Melanie Featherstone

Content Creator & Editor

Melanie Featherstone was found as an infant, bundled in burlap, in the very center of Stonehenge. Even the cleric that found her knew, as lightning rippled across the clouded sky, that this child would bring the start of great change for the world.

Her childhood was anything but ordinary- raised under the shroud of mysticism her arrival granted her, she was brought up in the Swiss Alps learning only combat and Bushcraft. All those around her believed she was to be the conquerer of the imminent apocalypse.

Tired of the expectations held of her, Melanie ran away in the night to search for a more ordinary life. She could fit all she owned on her back and started for Russia. When she reached the vast country she didn’t stop walking. She hitchhiked, kayaked, and dogsledded her way until she couldn’t go any farther- Minneapolis Minnesota. Arms frostbitten from the cold and hair longer than her knees, she found the closest building and clawed at the door. The members of Current Resident opened the door- shocked at the sight of her. She was nursed back to health solely by turkey legs, and to show her gratitude joined the band of brothers.

For now she lives a simple life- or rather, she waits… for the moment the world will need her most.


Two Truths and a Lie

    Melanie once helped raise ~70 rescue parrots simultaneously.

    By the age of 8, Melanie could operate heavy machinery for construction jobs.

    Melanie had a bear cub as a pet for a week before the DNR found out.