Settlers of Catan

A New Version of the Classic World



CATAN Studios came to us to help them officially announce something that had been rumored for a long time: an official 3D CATAN board. The challenge, then, is how to bring a board game to life? The dynamism and engagement that come with CATAN’s legendary gameplay tend to happen in minds, and in imagination, and in the camaraderie and competition that happens between players. It’s not exactly visual. So how to show it? And how do we build excitement for this next evolution of the game?


We decided that if the game lives primarily in the imaginations of the players, we would show the levels of imagination that can be unlocked through the new iteration of the game. In the game, a forest terrain hex isn’t just another game piece. It’s an invitation to imagine a crisp, lush forest. It’s transporting, and it takes players to another world, so we take the viewers there with the visuals.

To make the new 3D game pieces shine, we filmed with the CineMagic Revolution Lens System, a macro lens system that allowed us to get extreme closeups of the game while turning and panning the camera along multiple axes to create the feeling of soaring over the game. The result is an immersive experience of a legendarily immersive game.


  • Director


  • EP

    Patrick Shelton

  • Producer

    John Wildauer

  • DP

    Kellen Witschen

  • Talent

    David Otto Simanek

  • AC

    Hannah Germaine

  • Gaffer

    Tyler Thomas

  • Production Designer

    Max Mainwood

  • Editor

    Frank Foster-Bolton

  • VFX

    Chris Denny/PostMotion

  • Post Audio

    Micah Johnson/SisterBoss

  • Color

    Chaddix Malchow

  • PA

    Zoe Esser

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