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Duke Cannon’s target customer is a dude who likes cool stuff but doesn’t really go shopping and feels he has everything he needs. Pretty tough guy to market to, but hey that’s the soap biz, baby. How do we reach that guy and/or his significant other who could buy it for him for the holidays?


We started off our relationship with Duke Cannon’s creative team by doing something we call an Idea Throwdown. Basically the Duke Cannon creatives and the Current Resident creatives all sit down for an intensive brainstorming session where we consider who we’re trying to reach and how we could craft an entertaining message that will resonate with them. The end goal of an Idea Throwdown is to come out of it with a plan that we can film. The end result of our Idea Throwdown was the idea to create a Duke Cannon Shopping Network and film infomercials for the full suite of holiday grooming goods on offer for 2021. We cast MN-based comedic actors who would be able to take our scripts and improvise in many directions and we were able to quickly riff on dozens of different spots for different products and different social media channels over one intensive day of production.

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