As the world works to make the switch to renewable energy sources, more options are needed for widely-distributed, smaller-scale power generation. GE’s new WiSE (Wind Integrated Solar Energy) technology allows customer-owned electric cooperatives to generate their own power by combining Wind and Solar into one installation. This lets customers tap into the grid closer to the end users, which reduces distribution costs, while also alternating between Wind and Solar to allow more continuous power generation at the lowest price point of any power source. The technology is new, however, so the opportunity is not widely known among decision-makers at the hundreds of electric cooperatives across the country. Our challenge was to introduce this new technology and its benefits in an inspiring and succinct way.


We chose to go directly to the source and visit a community in Northern Minnesota that had used GE’s WiSE technology to generate a portion of their own power. We wanted to hear directly from the people closest to the technology, including a tech executive at GE, the manager of the local electric cooperative, and a renewable energy entrepreneur who helped build the installation. By hearing their stories in a documentary-style production, we were able to edit down our conversations to the key points needed to explain the technology and cost savings while inspiring others to do the same.

I wanted to tell you all that it’s a home run… Current Resident brought a lot to the effort, worked hard, and collaborated really well with our team and the client. I think this is a great piece of storytelling, and love the continuous “current” of power throughout – from the field to the café. Great job!

– Chris Schermer, Founder & CEO, SCHERMER


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