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“D6 Pro Controller”



We were tasked with the goal of giving some zest to the new Honeywell D6 Pro Controller.


With tight collaboration, a quick turnaround, and grade A on-camera talent we crafted a variety of teasers and informational videos to push the launch of Honeywell’s new tech.

  • D6 Pro Introduction

  • Installation & Setup

  • Home App


  • Agency


  • Executive Producer

    Rich Wallin (W2 Films)

  • Director

    Pat Shelton

  • Talent

    Jon Haynes

  • Director of Photography | Post

    Chaddix Malchow

  • Field & Post Audio Tech

    Taylor Lewin

  • Gaffer

    James Schiedler

  • Hair and Makeup

    Mark Navarro

  • Script Supervisor

    Erik Nelson

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