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As healthcare continues to grow into one of the largest sectors of our economy, keeping up with the staffing of healthcare professionals has become an increasingly difficult problem. Staffbook is a new digital staffing solution that aims to radically improve the process of filling short term nursing positions. Staffbook allows hospital administrators to create a very specific search that reaches the maximum number of qualified candidates, while also allowing nurse candidates to find the job that is the best fit for their needs. Our challenge was to introduce healthcare professionals to Staffbook as a powerful solve to their staffing issues.


Every nurse staffing transaction has two sides: the nurse candidates, and the hospital administration. Staffbook solves a whole list of problems for each side of the transaction and eliminates a lot of pain points in the process. We wanted to embrace the two-sidedness of the solution. If everyone involved in the transaction is better off using Staffbook, it represents a very powerful new tool.

Our solve was to script and animate two videos in the style of an animated podcast interview (shout out to Radiolab). One is targeted at nurses, the other is targeted at hospital administrators. We wanted to keep the tone poppy, fresh, and focused on end-user benefits on all sides.

Current Resident is an energetic, professional, passionate, and collaborative video production team that was incredibly easy to work with. For our videos, CR researched our industry and communicated with us extensively to understand what would resonate with our clients. Their skills in script-writing, compelling storytelling, eye-popping visuals and detailed animations really made our videos shine! Not only would I recommend them to everyone but we’ll be coming to them with all of our future needs. I truly can’t thank [Current Resident] enough. You folks are the best!

– Kyle Pherson, Digital Lead at Staffbook

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