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“InSite & ProCall”



Stanley has a decades-long reputation as the manufacturer of the best industrial scrapyard tools available on the market. Not a brand to rest on its laurels, they’ve recently developed cutting-edge telemetrics and remote access tools with capabilities that could reach far beyond scrapyards. The came to us to help them introduce these new tools to the world.


We partnered closely with Stanley to develop concepts and scripts for two videos that would show the power and potential of these new tools by taking them through their paces in scrapyards, demolition sites, and construction projects across Illinois and Indiana. We concepted, scripted, produced and edited these videos, as well as working with Stanley to develop final names for the products, InSite and ProCall.

  • ProCall

  • InSite


  • Director

    Erik Nelson

  • Director of Photography

    Joseph Loeffler

  • Field & Post Audio Tech

    Taylor Lewin

  • VFX Artist

    Chris Denny

  • Graphic Designer

    Garrett Lofgren

  • EP | 2nd Camera Op | Post

    Chaddix Malchow