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Good technology becomes great technology when it solves a real problem. As our economy becomes increasingly urbanized, one of the growing problems of modern life is traffic congestion. Unlocking time spent in traffic means unlocking human potential. StreetLight Data developed tools that use the metadata from mobile phones, connected cars, and fleet trucks to create a deeper understanding of mobility patterns. Because this technology is new, StreetLight Data needed a way to introduce the concept and its benefits in a fun, fast, informative way.


StreetLight Data held a user conference in Minneapolis, and we used the opportunity to pick up interviews with the company founder as well as the traffic engineers and end-users who knew the product and had the best understanding of how huge the need was for these tools. We took those interviews and combined them with nearly every trick we had: voiceover narration, found footage, stock footage, animation, GIFs, etc to craft a story with movement and flow.


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