Yoor Air

Furnace Filters made Simple



Furnace filters are boring. How’s that for a challenge? But actually, the way we look at it, the best use of our creativity and filmmaking capabilities is to contribute towards some meaningful work being done out in the world. And that’s exactly what Yoor Air is doing. They’re creating new furnace filters that improve air quality and the quality of life for the people who use them. That’s worthwhile work. The real challenge for us is to get out a message that most people think is too boring to bother with.


This project was both written and directed by CR director Joey Hamburger who was approached with one simple request: make people care about furnace filters. Joey is an extremely creative and resourceful filmmaker who tapped the tremendous comic acting talent in Minnesota from his time as both a standup and founder of the comedy theater collective Sheep Theater. The result is a funny ass short film that’s a good time even if you’ve never thought about furnace filters. If the content is entertaining, people will watch it, and if people watch it they’ll be convinced. That feels like some kind of formula but we’re not really math people over here.


  • Writer & Director

    Joey Hamburger

  • DP

    Kellen Witschen

  • Talent

    Luke Shelton, LJ Johnson, Greg Coleman II, Michael Torsch, Moe Yaqub, Zach Ashton, Ladonna Craelius, Iris Page

  • VO

    Michael Rogers

  • Production Designer

    Sarah Jean Shervin

  • Editor

    Bud Hjelmberg

  • Post Audio

    Taylor Lewin

  • Color

    Chaddix Malchow

  • PA

    John Mbanda

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