Come one, come all

Free Studio Friday

Every Friday, we open our doors to those who want to explore, create and have fun doing it. There's only one catch: it has to be a passion/personal project. You get 5 hours and get to use all our grip and electric. Let's see what you do with it.

Current Resident's video production white cyc wall studio
Rising tides

Original Content

Where we dedicate a lot of our time to help our community and embolden them to go and pursue their vision. We try and help out however we can..because we absolutely love it.

The newsletter of all newsletters


Weekly-ish newsletter that has 1 rad piece of work or news from others around the industry - subscribers will be encouraged to submit work each week to be featured - 1 update from us and our world, and 3 things we may be noodling on or exploring.

This is our “fuck you booth” at the crew appreciation party, in case you were wondering.

All the fun things

Community Events

Game nights, movies, open mic nights. We're open to ideas if you got something you think would be fun our amazing community.

Pure nonsensical nonsense

The Jungle

A newspaper. Yes, you read that right. An actual physical newspaper. Stay tuned for the next Volume, coming soon. We need people who want to submit their ideas, however random or ridiculous they are..

Featured above is our winner, Christian Sprangaul, on set shooting his winning idea, 

“Go Muki Go”

granty grant grant

The Grant

Few of our collaborators submitted ideas at our crew appreciation party. We abstained from the voting process and let our community choose what they deemed to be the best idea. The winner got awarded $10k from CR along with support on production and post, along with $10k+ of equipment rental from our partners over at Cinemechanics, Cinequipt and Tasty Lighting. The first annual grant will be finished by July of 2023.